Foto Vale

Valentina Cárdenas Espinoza

Photographer and Content Editor of Landscape and Territory

Architect and master’s in landscape and Territory from Universidad Diego Portales, and certified in cultural heritage from Universidad Católica de Chile. Amateur film photographer as a documentary tool. In love with research, value search and creation regarding Patagonian landscape, territory, and heritage

Ashley Stanton-Yonge

Ashley Stanton-Yonge Sesnic

Content Editor of Structural Geology and translation to English

Geotechnical engineer and master’s in structural geology from Universidad Católica de Chile. Currently PhD student at University College London, in rock physics and structural geology, exploring how fluids use fractures to travel through rocks. Admirer of Earth’s natural systems and in constant search for understanding them.

Jacqueline Puratich

Jacqueline Puratich Pacheco

Content Editor of Geomorphology and fieldwork leader

Geologist from Universidad de Chile, certified in exact sciences, diploma in Geology. Worked sailing through the Beagle channel studying the dynamics of late Holocene glaciation. As a tourist guide, she translated Earth processes to travellers. Currently dedicated through the Biopatagonia-Chile Foundation to environmental education and food sovereignty in Magallanes. Explorer in search of building communication channels and sensibility towards the processes of our planet.