Landscape Portraits

Project of documentary film photography aiming to conceive an integral reading of landscapes. On one hand, we aim to portray the landscape from its interplay with humans, and how this relationship has conditioned culture, aesthetics, memory, and habitability. Coupled to this view is the reading of the geologic genesis of the geography that shapes the landscape, and the processes that created it.

We use the concept of portrait because through photographic record we aim to personify these extracts of landscape by means of a framed approach, each of them representing a portion of the body that makes the whole of our territory.

We are immersed in a diversity of landscapes and superficial shapes, some plane, other rough and some wavy. The composed net, linked and connected through this variety of shapes constitute the identity 

of our territory. Each of these landscapes hold a value, a cultural and sentimental story enrooted in our personal and collective relationship with them.

Landscape Portraits invites the inhabitants and visitors of Magallanes region to consciously contemplate their natural environment, to appreciate the incessant presence and influence of landscapes in our history, and to interpret their shapes from the processes that originated them.

The reading that we propose aims to transform the contemplation of landscapes into an experience of understanding and humility towards the diverse beauty of our natural environment and the ephemeral of our existence on them.