Seno Otway Coast
-52.838098, -71.147260
Transit Landscape

We can admire it on our way to Rio Verde and Isla Riesco. The coast of Seno Otway is a companion landscape throughout the extensive plane, it displays a kilometric horizon where the land merges with the sea in one horizontal plane.

This coast unifies mountain belts and warns of the proximity of the Patagonian Archipielagos, where an angry contrast merges horizontal with vertical.


Coasts and Beaches

The place where ocean meets land, where the rhythm of the waves disturbs the sands and scalps the rocks. A place of lunar and magnetic influence: this is a beach.  It is a water-land limit that shifts every few thousands of years, either advances or retreats.

Thirty meters above sea level, by the road around Seno Otway, the sedimentary profiles of ancient beaches are displayed. Made of sand, forming beautiful angles between fine layers, under the organic soil.

What is a beach doing up there? Has the sea level dropped?

Rather, the land has been the one that arose. Although the ice has half the mass of a rock, icefields exist in huge volumes that disappear in almost an instant. The Earth rebounds in response of the ice melting, and the land goes up.

The effect is larger the closer we come to the icefields. While the land uplifted, the beaches retreated, leaving terraces inland and recording how the sea level has varied through time.

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