Lago Deseado
54.378972, -68.722210
Lago Deseado 1
Lago Deseado 2
Lago Deseado 3
Lago Deseado 4
Lago Deseado 5
Explorable Landscape

In the middle of Tierra del Fuego Island, arriving by route Y-85, these landscapes of transit, explorable and habitable will be seen.
They are undulating mantles that are arranged in such a way that they cause a perfect cleft in the territory, housing and containing the Deseado Lake.

This Chilean-Argentine binational body of water is undoubtedly the protagonist of this landscape, of which without dilating thoughts we understand the genesis of its name.
Its rocky peaks appear between its green and thick forested mantle of lenga, ñirre and coihue, generating a high saturation bicolor appearance.
These slopes that surround the Desired are projected like a mirror on it, duplicating the visuality of the landscape.

This lake is the end of the Magellan belt and the beginning of the Fuegian Andes, it is the passage from the undulating pampas to the jagged geography. For this reason El Deseado is one of the last places with friendlier living conditions on the Island, more accessible, protected and fertile. However, in the present we can see it as a largely explorable landscape, since its distance from the cities conditions it as a landscape only for visiting, for exploration. A landscape to which its rich biodiversity attracts many explorers and naturists every year.

An undoubtedly desired place in the middle of the inhospitable Fuegian Patagonia.


Glacial System/Magallanes Fold and Thrust Belt

Topography increases in roughness and altitude unequivocally displaying the mountain ranges of the Magallanes Fold and Thrust Belt; the steppe was left behind.

The steep landscape is characterised by a sharp contrast, a clear line that delimitates an altitude zonation above which vegetation no longer grows and separating thick forests from arid mountain peaks.

The foothills of the mountains are polished and smoothed by the pass of glaciers, lakes Blanco, Deseado and Fagnano are the relic of the diligent glacial excavation filled by the melted ice.

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