Lago Blanco
-54.068499, -68.972944
Lago Blanco 2
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Intervened Landscape

In Tierra del Fuego, arriving through route Y 761, you will find the White Lake, surrounded by winding mountains that surround it, forming an oasis of settlement.

This landscape insinuates that we are approaching a landscape that says goodbye to an endless plain, to enter the organic and embracing undulating mantle, the green and dense forest with a little more height and humidity than the landscape of the north of the island.

A landscape that also warns us that it has been intervened, due to its habitability characteristics that attract man to conquer it, often irresponsibly. This intervention is evident in those burned forests on the slopes of the mountains, in the army of dry and gray trunks lying on the Fuegian soil, these are part of the old controlled burns that were generated in order to gain space for livestock.


Glacial System/Magallanes Fold and Thrust Belt

Easily noticeable while contemplating this landscape are the inclined layers building the mounts surrounding Lago Blanco. Each of these layers were once the ocean floor, and with a bit of attention a sequence can be distinguished, light layer over dark layer in a successive rhythm.

These mounts of the Magallanes Fold and Thrust Belt reveal hints of how mountains are formed. While looking at these arid peaks a pattern of inclined, almost vertical planes can be followed. Each of these planes were once horizontal layers of rock, displayed one on top of the other.


The same tectonic forces that uplifted the Patagonian Andes acted upon these rocks, deforming, and folding them, without fracturing them, thus creating a fold. Some views of this landscape allow to visualise the tridimensionality of these folds while inspiring the imagination to picture the force needed to deform rocks and create mountains.

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