Erratic blocks
-53.494055, -69.239932
Errático 1
errático 2
Erratico 3
Erratico 4
Erratico 5
erratico 6
Errático 7
Memory Landscape

You will see them just at the end of Bahía Inútil, perched on the horizontal canvas of the Patagonian steppe, sprinkled randomly and even curiously.
They are giant rocks carved and shaped by the process of time that Tierra del Fuego witnessed.

They are part of a casual process, part of an erroneous history, of an oversight or rather a massive abandonment.

Millions of years after their massive abandonment in the middle of the pampas, the Selk'nam came to give them a consolation, because together with them they cohabited, shared and on some occasions those erratics offered them a refuge, thus feeling functional, valued, a little less far from oblivion.

However, those pedestrian ancestors perished and the immovable erratic ones rooted in their habitat persisted and when we are not here, they will continue, in an eternal history of errors and forgetfulness.


Glacial System/Magallanes Basin

These granite boulders come from Darwin Cordillera, dozens of kilometres south of their current set. One day, glaciers extracted them from their home, enclosed them in a gelid embrace, and took them along in a one-way voyage.

From mountain to steppe, from cordillera to bay. Powerful, but ephemeral, the iced vehicle vanished, leaving these wanderer blocks to emerge naked and lonely in a foreign land. Today they patiently decorate the steppe, witnesses of the passing of time, undisturbed by evanescent life.

The line traced by sea and land is nothing but a whim of the ice. The grand erratic blocks are displayed in concentric lines surrounding the bay, where washed relicts

of the lateral and frontal moraines document the glacial advances from late Pleistocene. For 25000 years rains and winds have washed away the once massive deposits, taking sand and clay with them and leaving only these crystalline giants behind

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