Cerro del Indio
-54.960689, -67.569149
Cerro del Indio 1
Cerro del Indio 2
Cerro del Indio3
Explorable Landscape

Cerro del Indio, and its thick, green cover, stands at the background of Puerto Williams, the southernmost city of the globe and capital of Cabo de Hornos commune.

During the winter, its rocky, snowy, peak displays its generous altitude, protecting the islanders from the strong, austral winds.

Clouds are commonly gathered at the Navarino sky, daily projecting their shadows above Cerro del Indio, briefly, before the violent Patagonian winds drags them away.


Glacial System / Patagonian Andes

The beauty of this remote landscape is highlighted by the sharp contrast of vegetation displayed at the mountain ranges of this semi-polar region. The weather of Navarino Island is characterised by hostile, strong winds and low temperatures, ensuring conditions where little vegetation can thrive.

An altitude zonation can be easily observed where topography reaches over 600 metres, a sharp green-brown boundary marks the limit at which subantarctic tundra vegetation can no longer exist.

Lichen and moss provide a thick green cover at the foothills and low altitude mountain belts until the dry air, arid soil, low temperature, and strong winds prevent for even this resilient vegetation to grow.

Green is suddenly replaced by arid brown, sometimes decorated by sparkles of snow, drawing a line that can be traced all along the mountain ranges.

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