Cerro Castillo
-51.269141, -72.484295
Cerro Castillo 1
Cerro Castillo 2
Cerro Castillo 3
Cerro Castillo 5
Cerro Castillo 6
Explorable Landscape

Walls arise from the ground, a tall fortress willing to protect itself from the stubborn wind. This castle on the landscape elegantly locates itself among the harmonic composition of shapes, colours, and textures that the rich geography provides: Lago Toro, Lago Sarmiento, Laguna Verde and Torres del Paine, among others, can be seen from the top of Cerro Castillo, a tower that guards the treasures of the territory.

A small town at its foothill carries its name. A key landmark of the explorable landscapes of the region, Cerro Castillo village is known for its proximity to Torres del Paine and for the preservation of Patagonian traditions during the yearly jineteadas.


Glacial System/Magallanes Fold and Thrust Belt

Lying far away from the intensity of the mountain building of the Andes, these stratified rocks lie peaceful and horizontal, like bricks of rocks made of sand and submarine mud, layer by layer building the walls of this Castle.

What makes a rock stable and strong? Each layer, 2 to 10 cm thick, was made by an avalanche of rocks landing on the seafloor. These abrupt events occurred one after the other, every couple of thousands of years, rhythmically increasing and decreasing their thickness while the Andes were shuddering and arising with each earthquake.

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